Pool Maintenance Plans

Our team is fully CPO certified and have extensive experience servicing our customers in the Monmouth, Ocean, and Mercer county areas.  In fact, we service pools containing more than 40 million gallons of water each week!

A swimming pool requires cleaning and maintenance. But balancing water chemistry, keeping the water clean and the general upkeep of the pool equipment is time consuming and reduces the time you can enjoy your pool.  We can all those chores off your hands so you can get back to relaxing.  We are available weekly or simply at the beginning and end of the season when it’s the most tedious.

Our Maintenance Packages

Weekly Service

  • Weekly monitoring/balance of water chemistry
  • Weekly Brushing of walls and skimming of surface
  • Weekly Vacuuming of floor
  • Weekly Cleaning of waterline tile
  • Monthly Filter cleaning

Monthly Service

  • Monthly monitoring/balance of water chemistry
  • Monthly Brushing of walls and skimming of surface
  • Monthly Vacuuming of floor
  • Monthly Cleaning of waterline tile
  • Monthly Filter cleaning

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