Pool Heater Installation & Repair

Unlike children, most people are hesitant to jump in the pool as soon as it opens.  The fastest way to warm up chilly pool water is with a heater or heat pump. We specialize in gas heater and heater pump installation and repairs for pools and spas throughout Monmouth, Ocean, and Mercer counties.  We only work with the best manufacturers such as Hayward, and Pentair to name a few.  We are a NJ state licensed gas installer, CPO certified (Certified Pool/Spa Operator), and fully insured.

We have an HVAC Certification - It's required when working with Heat Pumps!

Pool Heaters

Swimming pool heaters are the most popular option for pool owners when heating their pool.  Heaters are equipped to use natural gas or propane to warm up pool water temperature before returning it back into the pool.  These are traditionally lower up-front costs, but will factor into utility costs. If you’re looking to heat the pool for a short period of time like when guests come to visit, this would be a great option as it heats the pool quickly.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are becomingly extremely popular with pool owners nowadays.  The outside air runs through a heat exchanger and returns back into the pool.  Since heat pumps use the surround air to heat up the water, it is only functional above 50 degrees.  Even though heat pumps are a higher up front cost, the energy efficiency ensure a lower price to run afterward.

Both pool and spa heaters and heat pumps are a great way to warm up the pool and extend the pool season.  With regular pool equipment maintenance, heaters and heat pumps should last at least a decade.  Contact us for a free estimate for installation, repair, or pool heater and heat pump maintenance.

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