5 Questions Every Homeowner Should Ask BEFORE Hiring a Pool Company

5 Questions Every Homeowner Should Ask BEFORE Hiring a Pool Company

During the dog days of Summer, few things are as satisfying as jumping into the cool clear water of a swimming pool. BUT…if that water is NOT so clear, and instead a bit slimy, green, and filled with debris then…you’d probably be happier sweating it out instead.

Keeping a pool crystal clear, PH balanced, and looking like something out of a vacation commercial is NO easy job though, and it is important that your pool company is qualified to get the job done. This is why it is important to ask the RIGHT questions before forking over your hard-earned dollars to hire a team to take care of your pool.

Here is a quick list of the top 5 questions that every homeowner should ask BEFORE hiring a pool company:

Can I speak with some current/past clients?

If a pool cleaning firm is any good, then they will certainly have current and past clients. Ask to speak to a few of them. If they refuse to provide references, say thank, and goodbye.

Do you have the proper certifications?

Listen, there are people out there with a truck, a net, and a bucket of chlorine cleaning pools. They don’t have a business license OR insurance and if something happens, it is ALL on you. So, make sure to ask for proper certifications and ensure you are dealing with a professional firm.

What services will you be providing, exactly?

Caring for a pool can actually involve quite a few different services. Will the firm be testing for PH levels weekly? Will they fill the pool if the level is low? Do they have to buy chlorine, or do you provide that? Make sure your services contract is VERY specific so you know exactly what the pool cleaning company will and won’t do as part of your regular service.

How much will I pay monthly or weekly?

Nothing like getting that first invoice for a service and having a mild heart attack! Always ask EXACTLY what you will be charged for each pool service visit AND have the firm notify you if any servicing will result in ADDITIONAL billing.

What if something happens AFTER regular business hours?

What if you are planning to have a pool party on a Sunday and you notice on Saturday, the pool is turning green! If the pool cleaning company is not scheduled to come for a few days, this could be a nightmare! Find out how the pool cleaning company will handle an emergency visit. Certainly, an additional premium charge is acceptable but if the pool cleaning company refuses to do any emergency services, you might want to look elsewhere.

While you may be in a hurry to secure a company to service your pool, making sure to take the time to ask the right questions can make all the difference in the world and can help ensure a crystal clear pool and a happy relationship between you and the company you hire.

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