3 Signs That You Need to Hire a Professional to Maintain Your Pool

3 Signs That You Need to Hire a Professional to Maintain Your Pool

The key to enjoying the benefits of your pool to its fullest is regular pool maintenance. A clean, debris free pool is safe, comfortable, and gratifying.  Unfortunately, it takes time and patience to sustain the health of your pool and ensure it’s safe for your friends and family to enjoy.  Have you been thinking that you should hire a certified Professional?

Here are 3 signs you need to hire a professional to maintain your pool:

You check your water chemistry and test pool equipment when you get around to it

  • For a pool to be functioning properly, the chemicals must be added in precise amounts to maintain pH balance of your pool water.  Besides a visual and water test of your pool water, you need to verify all your electrical pool equipment are properly working.  Improper water balance could corrupt your pool equipment, and subpar conditions of your pool equipment could cut the life span of your pool by half.

You swim in the water as long as the water is clear

  • Just because the pool is clear, it doesn’t mean the water chemistry is properly balanced. It’s what lies beneath the clear surface that could be trouble. If there are heavy rains, like ones we have during hurricane season on the Jersey Shore, the ecosystem in your pool can rapidly turn dangerous in as little as 24 hours. Besides the familiar algae, your pool can be ridden of E. coli and other harmful bacteria.

Do you spend an average of 2 hours a week cleaning and maintaining your pool?

  • It takes our CPO certified technicians about 30-60 minutes each week for a full cleaning.  This includes a full vacuum sweep of the floor of the pool and water balance and chemistry.  We estimate the average homeowner takes a water sample to be tested at a local swimming pool supplier.  With the reading, you take home corresponding chemicals to balance the pool and then retest the water.  Granting you correctly balance the water with one trip, we estimate this takes about 2-3 hours a month.  All in all, it should take about 2-3 hours a week to correctly monitor, maintain, and clean your pool.  So we ask, what is your time worth? 

A pool should be a source of relaxation and entertainment for your family.  We realize that successfully maintaining a pool is tedious and sometimes back breaking work.  Considering the cost of weekly maintenance can be less expensive than a weekend out, we consider it money well spent.

Contact us today for a free estimate or if you have questions about swimming pool or spa maintenance, you’ll be glad you did.